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Press here to go to interactive map with introduction of provincesMain sections of the site

Press here to go to interactive map with introduction of provinces Please use Press here to see an example of province map with active producer's locationsprovince links on the Map under About Tuscan Coast/Coastal provinces of Tuscany to learn a few things about every province of Tuscan coast.

By choosing the link Wineries, you will be able to learn about some of the most exciting estates of coastal Tuscany. Use province maps to see the location of the estates; explore the estates and their wines by clicking logos on the Map. We will keep the list of wineries updated, so you can learn about other interesting producers and to have larger selection of wines for purchase.                                                                                  Press here to see an example of province map with active producer's locations

Probably, the idea of section Shop Online! is clear from its name. Here you will find an entire list of the products we offer as well as all the possible ways to search it.
Note! There are lot of wines on the website, which are made by other wineries not represented by separate winery’s page on costadeivini.com. Nevertheless they are still very good and made here on the coast. All of them are also available for purchase.

Top 10 items shows the list of costadeivini.com's best selling products for last 30 calendar days.

Section Enopedia will help you to understand special words used by winemakers and connoisseurs, as well as an Italian wine law system. It will also tell you some interesting facts about grape varieties cultivated on the coast of Tuscany, and some basic things about viticulture and vinification methods.

We invite you to take a look on our Support section. Please read its Delivery subsection with a special attention. Subsection FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will definitely clarify the rest of the questions you may have.

Useful features

Search on top of every pageGeneral Search on top of every page will allow you to search the website for an information by any word or name.

Press here to see an example of chosen search criteriaNavigating Map is one of the features presented to make navigation on the website easier as well as more exciting. Apart of geographical utility this interactive map represents an entertaining tool for viewing Provinces’ information and for navigating to introduction page of every Winery and its wines.

Press here to see an example of chosen search criteria You may browse our entire wine-list checking the wines one by one and you may also use Advanced Product Search to look what you are interested in by choosing various search criteria. Our Advanced Product Search is dynamic – this means that it only displays what is actually available in our wine list and also relevant to your first selection.

Press here to go to the description of SymbolsThere are also different kind of special Symbols used in the product description for indicating different features and qualities of wines. Please visit our Support/Symbols section to learn the meaning of every symbol.                    Press here to go to the description of Symbols

Created basing on personal experience

Perhaps, it would be interesting for you to know, that this site has been created by people who use to buy wines online from different countries of the world for many times. Therefore we tried to do our best to make a process of selecting the wine, understanding the possibilities of wine shipment, and eventually the shipment itself as much comfortable, flexible and transparent as possible.

Clear and easy-to-use environment for selecting the wines is accompanied by handy secured payment check-out and express delivery with lowest possible tariffs.

General tips on choosing and purchasing the wine

You may choose any wine, which looks interesing to you, to read the label, to learn about the wine and its qualities, about history of the estate and even about the people created it. If you think that the wine can be chosen for purchase, you can add it to your shopping cart Add-to-cart icon.. Contents of your shopping cart will be maintained in a safe place, and will be always available for modifications. You can login-in and log-out as many times as you want, and still wines chosen by you during previous visits of the webshop will remain inside the shopping cart unless you cancel them, by modifying the contents of cart, or decide to pay for them now, so the wines can be eventually arranged for shipment.

As soon as you will compose a parcel of several selected bottles you can check-out with online secure payment, and to be prepared for enjoying this wine in next several days at home. Our specialized shipment agent will take care about the delivery of the parcel to the address mentioned by you. An amount of shipping cost will be added to your order and will be billed together with wine to your credit card. You will be able to see an invoice containing details of wine you have chosen as well as the shipping cost right before proceeding with a confirmation of payment online.

Optimizing delivery costs

Despite being able to offer you low shipping rates, we would also recommend you to make careful multiple-bottle selection in order to optimize your delivery costs even more efficiently. Please read point 3.5. of FAQ section as well as Shipping rates for more information.


By choosing 12 bottles of any single product (for higher-price wine range - 6 bottles) you will be automatically granted with a discount – for this you shall always use link behind price per case of 12 bottles (or per case of 6 bottles where available). 
For registered users we will be able to provide 2 levels of discounts basing on orders' history.

Registered users

You may purchase the wine without being registered on costadeivini.it simply by filling out the form while checking out with payment, but please keep in mind that for registered users we have several useful features as well as bonus system based on orders’ history (2-level discount system). Special features for example are:
- personal orders history – you can check previously placed orders at any time (in My Account)
- secondary delivery address – it will be also possible to send the wine to the other address - it is mostly used if you would like to make a gift to your friend.

Enjoy your time at costadeivini.com!