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Five Benefits of doing handicraft with the family. You’ll be surprised!

In this last year, we have spent a lot of time at home. Teleworking and online classes have come to stay for some time, and consequently, we have spent more time with the family than ever.

Another thing that has come to stay is creative activities and handicraft. Spending free time at home has boosted our imagination and that of the kids. Because drawing, painting and doing handicraft can mean having a great time alone or with the saba sport family. Handicraft amuses children as well as adults; it can be adapted to any age and done with any material: card, cardboard, wool, recycled material or everyday utensils.

If you are still not convinced, here is a list of five benefits of doing handicraft with the family:

1. It stimulates creativity and the imagination

We tend to think that stimulating creativity and imagination is only for children, but it is equally important for adolescents and adults. Handicraft and artistic creations allow you to innovate, create and find solutions to problems. Thanks to creativity and imagination, you will make better decisions and find more answers to everyday situations or problems.

We also tend to think that creativity is something you are born with, but we all have this skill inside; you just need a bit of time and the tools necessary to develop it. And what is better than to practice this with the family?

2. It encourages communication and socialization

Spending a lot of time with the family does not mean that more communication. Because communication, like creativity, needs to be practised day by day.

While you are doing creative activities in a group, you relax, put aside your thoughts or concerns and feel more comfortable sharing ideas or anecdotes. It is essential to talk when having fun with the family. In this manner, the kids learn social attitudes and behaviour while listening to the older ones attentively. Something that we do not always do as we would like, due to the daily grind.

3. It increases the capacity for concentration

Handicraft activities need a lot of attention and concentration on the part of adults and children. They are ideal for working on perseverance when developing a project. We are all working for a common goal, and it must be the centre of attention while we are doing it!

4. It encourages participation and teamwork

There is no doubt that any activity done with the family encourages teamwork. When doing handicraft, group participation is one of the keys to success.

Kids learn rules of behaviour without realising it: Waiting for their turn to speak, asking for help when needed, expressing their ideas… While teenagers and adults learn to form a team and collaborate towards a common goal. While at the same time developing empathy and camaraderie.

5. It reduces stress and anxiety

This is very important when you spend a lot of time at home working or studying. Creative activities help to release tensions, de-stress and calm anxiety. It should be taken as a time for fun as well as relaxation. So, a perfect moment to do handicraft with the family can be in the evening, after work and having done the homework, but before having a shower and dinner.

What do you think? These are some of the benefits of doing handicraft with the family. We are sure that, with practice, you will be able to find many more and to incorporate handicraft and creative activities into your everyday life.


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