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The Different Types of Wine (Infographic)

Do you know all of the different types of wine? This infographic organizes almost 200 types of wine by taste and style. Take advantage of this chart as a great way to discover new types of wine. Available as a poster.

The Different Types of Wine

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Five Main Types of Wine

All wines can be organized into five basic groups. Within each group there are hundreds of different grape varieties and winemaking techniques!

Red Wine
Still wine made with black grapes. Red wines range from light to bold.
White Wine
A still wine produced from white and occasionally black grapes. Flavors in white wines span from light to rich.
Rosé Wine
Still wine from black grapes produced by removing the skins before they stain the wine deep red. Rosé is also made by blending red and white wine together. Both dry and sweet styles of rosé are common.
Sparkling Wine
A style of winemaking involving a secondary fermentation that makes bubbles! Sparkling wine can be red, white, or rosé and ranges from lean and dry, to rich and sweet.
Dessert Wine
A style of winemaking involving fortifying wine with spirits. Typically, dessert wines taste sweet, but many dry, fortified wines exist, such as dry Sherry.

8 Common Wines To Know

Just getting started in wine? Here are 8 common wines that everyone should know.

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How The Infographic Works

Wines are separated by style, primary flavor and sometimes even an additional grouping of High Tannin, Round or Spicy. Here are definitions of the terms:

High Tannin
Wines with high tannin feel like they dry out your mouth. The sensation is similar to licking a popsicle stick or putting a wet tea bag in your mouth.
Round wines tend to have less tannin and balanced acidity on the finish. People often describe the sensation as ‘Smooth’ or ‘Lush’ when using wine descriptions.
Spicy wines tend to have higher acidity or higher alcohol. Imagine the tartness of cranberry juice versus the smoothness of peach juice.


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