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Guide to Buying the Perfect TV Unit

Purchase of a TV Unit can be an exciting and crucial addition to any living space, and should reflect both your decor and storage needs. Select a design that complements these elements while meeting any limitations in space or storage needs.

Minimalist units aim for simplicity and functionality with a clean aesthetic, while contemporary or modern designs incorporate various shapes and materials in unique combinations. When selecting storage options it is also important to think carefully about open shelving or drawers?

TV Unit Size

Finding the appropriate size of TV unit is paramount to its successful use. It should provide enough room to house both your television and other devices without being too small or looking out of place with its surroundings. Furthermore, it must complement the decor of the room to avoid looking awkward or out of place.

Tape measures are the ideal way to measure TV width. Unfortunately, this method may not always work when dealing with tall legs and wide bezels around the screen; in such instances it would be wise to refer to manufacturer websites or product specifications for more accurate measurements.

Height is also an important consideration when purchasing a TV unit, and should ideally sit at eye level when watching television. You can do this by placing some painter’s tape on the floor and measuring where your line of sight falls – you could do this using painter’s tape!


No matter your aesthetic preferences – minimalist, contemporary or traditional – there are multiple TV units designed to meet them all. Some models combine bookcase and TV stand into one unit for optimal entertainment and storage purposes while other are smaller units that provide plenty of room for books, magazines or other possessions.

Floor-to-ceiling TV units create a striking and dramatic storage solution, perfect for those who value an uncluttered aesthetic in their living spaces.

If you are planning on purchasing a floor-standing TV unit, take the time to measure its height from where you will be watching it. It is important to make sure it sits perfectly within eye level – optimal viewing distance should be 1.5 times screen size.


A TV unit is a piece of furniture designed to house both your television and storage for media and accessories, providing convenient solutions in any home environment. They come in various styles and sizes to best fit into the decor of each space – selecting an appropriate material is key in order to ensure its support for your equipment and TV.

Minimalist, modern and contemporary TV units often incorporate materials like metal, glass and high-grade wood for maximum simplicity, functionality and clean lines while adding decor in your room.

An attractive TV wall can create a natural and soothing ambience in any living space, and is easy to implement. Simply measure your television from its base height before selecting its appropriate size stand; also keep weight into account when doing this step.


TV units offer plenty of storage solutions, including shelves and drawers, to meet any decor. There is a variety of sizes and finishes to suit any taste; so be sure to measure the area you intend to place your unit to ensure it can accommodate its size, weight, as well as any additional elements you may plan to store or display.

Shelving can help keep books, frames and decorative items neatly organised. You could also utilize the space beneath your TV to store additional media devices such as Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. Closed cabinets and drawers provide the ideal solution for larger items that might otherwise take up too much room on open shelves, like DVD collections or video game systems.

An entertainment and work area in their home should have no need for distraction. A TV unit with coffee counter is an excellent option to create such an area; these multifunctional pieces typically combine a TV stand with an inbuilt bookshelf to form stylish yet functional home workspace.

Cable management

If you already own or plan to create a home theater system, make sure that any TV unit design you select offers cable management options to keep the area tidy. Cable management solutions help hide unsightly cords and wires to maintain an organized appearance for a more pleasing space.

Even though many home entertainment systems and devices are now wireless, most still require cords that connect them, potentially leading to a tangled web of cables if your cable management practices are inadequate.

Investment of a unit equipped with built-in cable ports and channels is one way to prevent wires from becoming tangled; alternatively, using external solutions like raceways may also work. Cord clips or self-adhesive wire holders may help neatly route cables – reducing extraneous coiling as well as accidental unplugging which leads to “cable spaghetti”.


No matter whether your TV is being wall-hung or placed in a cabinet, its optimal height is essential to viewer comfort. For maximum viewing enjoyment and to prevent neck strain while improving the viewing experience.

To determine the optimal TV mounting height, sit comfortably in your preferred seating arrangement and mark where your eyes naturally rest on a piece of painter’s tape. Measure from there to where the TV should be hung – for instance a 42in screen should be about 55inches off of the ground while 65in screens need to be 60 inches or so from its center of screen to avoid distraction.

To choose an appropriate TV stand height, take into account both your television size and any additional devices you plan on storing on it. Also take note of its depth; you can do this by extending a tape measure across its cabinet vertically.


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