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5 Best Beauty eCommerce Stores with Examples (2022)

In 2020, the statistics showed a 40% sales growth in the online beauty industry. The number seemed enormous at that time. In 2022 (and 2023 around the corner), we consider this rise natural. Almost 25% of total beauty and personal care revenue comes from online sales.

Not surprisingly, many businesses start their online cosmetics and skincare platforms to increase sales, boost conversions, and expand the audience. And Shopify is one of the best places to achieve those goals. Here are several proofs.

  • Colour Pop is a Shopify-based eCommerce store with 6.2 million total visits and a 40% bounce rate.
  • Elf Cosmetics has almost 3 million total visits and a more than 50% bounce rate.
  • Another famous Shopify brand, Kylie Cosmetics, has sold its first 15,000 products in several minutes.

So what are the best beauty eCommerce sites on Shopify, and what makes them unique?

We at GenovaWebArt have decided to share with you our picks. We have chosen our thirty favorites for your inspiration based on our team’s rich experience working with complex Shopify design solutions.

1. Uoma Beauty: The Best Beauty Online Store

Uoma Beauty is a world-famous eCommerce store founded by Sharon Chuter, a former beauty executive from Nigeria. The brand’s philosophy is rethinking the beauty concept reflected by the store’s name (“Uoma” means “Beautiful”). It offers an innovative approach to inclusivity and diversity. These ideas are reflected both by the products and website design: bright, bold, and fashionable.

2. Winky Lux: The Best Shopify Beauty Store by GenovaWebArt

Winky Lux is a recognizable American beauty store whose Shopify website was developed by the GenovaWebArt team. The brand is famous for its luxurious makeup and skincare goods, accessible to a broad audience. In addition, it involves a transparent supply chain and convenient shipping options. Finally, Winky Lux is a plastic-neutral brand committed to sustainability ethics and standards.

When working on this project, our team used the latest approaches and techniques to implement all required beauty store features. A basic Shopify functionality set wasn’t enough, so we extended it with Shopify Plus features and scripts, allowing for additional promotions and tiered discounts. On top of that, we rebuilt the theme, improved the UI/UX design, and conducted Online Store 2.0. migration. It is just one of many success stories of migrating to Shopify.

3. Kylie Cosmetics: The Most Influential Shopify Beauty Store

Founded by a well-known American model and influencer, Kylie Jenner, this Shopify Plus-based cosmetics store has become one of the most popular beauty brands worldwide. Kylie Cosmetics primarily focuses on selling cosmetics and skincare goods. However, it also involves collections of skincare and haircare for babies and kids.

4. Topicals: The Best Skincare Store in Shopify

Topicals is an outstanding beauty website in eCommerce offering a wide range of skincare goods. The founders claim their core goal is transforming how people feel about their skin through high-quality, science-backed products. The website looks bold, even experimental, not trying to follow common beauty standards and promoting diversity.

5. Credo: Leading Beauty Store on Shopify

Credo sells cosmetics for skincare, makeup, hair, bath and body, and fragrance. It’s an industry-leading enterprise offering high-quality services and goods for millions of customers worldwide. The brands represented by Credo produce clean, cruelty-free beauty products. On top of that, the company has a convenient mobile-friendly website and an app.


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