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Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle & How To Maintain It

Optimal health is not a destination we arrive at, then kick back forevermore with a jug of sangria; it’s a path we forge every day through the decisions we make. There are, of course, health impacts that we can do nothing about – some conditions are inherited or otherwise unavoidable, and accidents can alter the course of our lives – but for most of us, there are things that we can do that help us feel better, and live happier lives. We just need to work out what those things are, and then find ways to make them happen, but it all starts with being motivated enough to walk this path, and curious enough to ask the right questions.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is not categorized by the absence of illness or disease; it is more about our total physical, mental and social well-being. It is a way of living that is personal to each of us but at its core it makes us feel as good as we can in ourselves.

What Are Benefits of Being Healthy?

It’s a good question. We know we should be healthy but we rarely stop to ask ourselves why! These are our top ten picks, but there are, of course, plenty more.

Prevents Disease

With five of the top ten causes of death in America being associated with our lifestyle choices, there is much we can do to prevent disease – particularly heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. In fact, the advice for preventing all these diseases and more is very similar. We’ll come to that shortly!

Saves Money

Some of the things that are bad for us are also expensive financially. Smoking, for example, is expensive and so is buying meat. If we walk or cycle wherever possible, we can reduce our transport costs. And if these things keep us well, we can reduce the expense of buying over-the-counter medicines, too.

Lengthens Lifespan

It’s no great surprise that the healthiest people tend to live longest, so for those who love life and want to get the most out of it, making healthy choices is essential. This can mean making changes to our diet and exercise regime, but it can also mean engaging with our communities, cherishing friendships and taking time to volunteer.

Is Good For The Environment

Through the pandemic and the climate crisis, we have seen very clearly that what is good for us is also good for the planet. When we make healthy plant-based food choices, for example, we reduce our impact on the Earth. When we walk or cycle, we cut emissions. When we find happiness in ourselves we don’t need to keep buying “stuff” that ends up in landfill. We are very much part of a wider ecosystem, and care for one means care for all.

More Life-force Energy

You know that feeling where everything just feels right? When we are optimally healthy – and this will be different for everyone – we can get a sense of deep wellbeing. It comes from being rested, not stressed or anxious, and feeling good in ourselves and about the world. When it happens, we can even feel life coursing through our veins!

Improved Memory

Diet, stress and exercise all play a key part in our cognitive functions, so whether it is a memory boost you are after or preventing degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, there are lifestyle choices we can make that will give us the best chance.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

This is part of a virtuous circle: when we feel good, we sleep better; and when we sleep better, we feel good! So, all we have to do now is to work out how to break into this positive cycle and reap the benefits!

Clears Up Bad Skin

We may feel as though we have been cursed with bad skin, but for many people the problem is in their diet, not their genes. One recent study connected both sugar and dairy to higher rates of acne, so when we cut out these foods, we may find a host of health benefits, and one of those could be glowing skin.


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